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Jimmy or James?

It is very weird to think that one can search up anyone on this universe using the internet and find information about them. The internet is interesting because it can really violate one’s privacy without anyone really doing anything. What i mean by saying this is that one particular person does not have to write

Technology Autobiography

Living during this day in age means that technology will always be used. But what really is technology? Webster’s Dictionary defines technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. This can pertain to anything from medicine advances or computer technology. I would like to believe that I was very privileged

Things I want to figure out about the internet

The internet is something that will never stop. Without the internet people will have to get out of their houses and read a book. With society leaning on the internet as their own library it becomes the building blocks of the world. The technology has had such advancements that we use it for education. Is

Blog Post #2

Technology is something that will always be changing. It has impacted our community tremendously and will play a pivitol role in life as the future comes. In high school I had the opportunity to use an iPad instead of notebooks. Knowing technology is changing the way people are educated, what will life look like in

Blog Post #1

From this course I expect to learn about how the websites and social media applications are made. I am very interested in who is actually controlling these sites and how they do it. The digital world is a book of encryptions and does that people put together. With a domain of my own I feel