DA#10: Create your Own Digital Activity

You have done a variety of digital activities throughout this semester, including creating your own website/blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hypothes.is, infographics, One Button Studio, etc. For your final digital activity, you will create your own and post in a blog post.

Write a blog post about what digital activity you would have liked to do this semester and why it would be a helpful activity for this class. This activity can be about a certain tool or app (they should be productivity or tools that would help with your academics), processes, etc. As some examples:

  • we talked about mind-mapping but we didn’t actually use any mind-mapping tools
  • how to monitor what distracts us online
  • how do we zone out distractions when trying to work
  • time management (either habits or applications)
  • video tutorials
  • and much more

Some questions you can consider:

  • What digital activity would you create?
  • What should be included in doing this activity?
  • Why would this be a useful activity for students in this class to do?
  • How would students benefit from doing this activity?
  • What steps should be done to do this activity?
  • What would a simple how-to guide look like to help do this activity?
  • How will this activity help students “control their digital world”?
  • Why is it important to learn about this tool/process?

This digital activity should be posted by the start of class on December 7.