Digital Identities Discussion

Having read from Watters’s ‘Claim Your Domain–And Own Your Online Presence’, as well as Bonnie Stewart’s post on Digital Identities–Six Key Selves, let’s look closely at the words they use and how they matter.

  • Watters discusses the concept of the manila envelope. How does domains compare with a manila envelope? How are they different?
  • In the introduction, Watters uses the word meaningful. What is meaningful about meaningful? How does that relate to controlling one’s own domain, identity, and data/life bits?
  • Watters challenges us to: to imagine what a digital manila envelope might contain.
  • What is a templated self? How does that contrast with claiming your own domain?
  • How does the templated self compare and contrast with the six key selves discussed by Stewart?
  • Do you identify with any of the key selves? Why or why not?
  • Are there other selves that we should also consider and discuss?



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