FYS 142

Who Controls Your Digital World?

Course Description:

Digital technologies are closely integrated in how we learn, work, socialize and collaborate in an ever-connected digital culture. Alongside these opportunities are challenges and realities in how these digital technologies intersect with our everyday lives. This course examines the cultural impact of digital technologies, how an individual can actively and effectively participate in these digital cultures, and what external forces, policies, and institutions may influence control over these digital environments. This seminar will explore contemporary online behaviors and the challenges associated with them. Each student will create their own blog domain and explore other technologies integral to learning and productivity. Throughout the semester, students will be given exercises to mindfully observe, understand, reflect, and take control of these information technology practices. Students will blog and use social media to reflect on their experiences, observations, and learning.

Learning Goals:

  • Read texts critically.
  • Develop analytical writing skills.
  • Develop critical reading skills.
  • Understand that knowledge is embedded in multiple contexts (e.g., social, historical, cultural, scientific, ethical, etc.).
  • Employ writing as a method to generate new ideas.
  • Reason effectively with words, numbers, and symbols.
  • Communicate clearly and cogently.
  • Promote intellectual curiosity and a love of life-long learning.

Our Syllabus