Author: CharlotteMiaSophie

Does my data belong to me?

The question who owns which data is a very critical question. Generally speaking, I would say, that everyone owns their own data. As long as someone does not agree to a contract that lets other people, websites or companies use your data. But they can only use and own your data in ways that the person

Peer Facilitation

NOTEs Example of jose antonia hita Bad childhood and lost his friends Lead to loneliness Used gaming as an escape He was cut off from the outside world He got suicidal thoughts Turned back to gamning Does hgaming lead to mental heslth problems? He did not understand his addiction Used gaming as a key and

What it is like to google myself…

Those are some of the women that came up after googling myself, mostly French women from the middle ages. I am used to googling myself from time to time, because I do not want anyone to find pictures of me when someone googles my name. I have a bet with my dad, if, until I