DA#5: Google Yourself

We’ve spent some time in class discussing our digital identity and how we portray ourselves online. Before coming here to Muhlenberg, many people probably have googled you to learn more about you. Have you taken the time to google yourself to see how you are portrayed to others?

How others see you: We are going to start off with a free write (in class): write down what you think people will find when they google you. Include profiles, apps, images, writings, video, etc.

How you want to be seen (in the near future): Then we are going to do a second free write (in class) using this to start off your free write:

In five years, I am a success if I….

This is not ‘I am popular’ or ‘I am a Muhlenberg graduate’ or any other simple fill in the blank. This is you creating an image of how you would like to see yourself in 5 years.

What Google shows: Now google yourself and see what you learn. Try googling yourself on a computer that doesn’t have your history already. Use Google, but also try searching yourself on other engines, such as Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Write a post about what you learned going through this experience.

Due: by the start of class on Tuesday, September 25.