Final Project: Long Read

Long Read Blog Post (100 points)

Produce a long read blog post on a particular topic area of digital technologies and cultures in which you have an interest. A list of suggested topics is available.

You will need to collect articles, books, and/or multimedia about your topic, read/watch and analyze them as well as synthesize their meaning based on your thesis.  This writing should analyze a certain trend, technology impact, behavior, or environment.

For your post, you should:

  • Brainstorm and develop your topic and central idea. What questions are you trying to answer? What can you challenge about your topic? What claim do you want to make?
  • Do research on your topic and collect resources.
    • Your resources should be more scholarly or professionally reviewed.
    • You should include a range of resources from a variety of sources.
    • You must include, at minimum, 6 resources in your post, at least 2 of which must be scholarly resources (based in research).
  • Summarize the information you collect that pertains to your thesis.
  • Analyze/evaluate (use the various analytical techniques covered in class) your sources.
  • Synthesize (place in relation to, bring together themes with, how relates to other resources) that resource to other topics/discussions/readings from the course.
  • Engage thoughtfully, critically and originally with one or more of the course topics.
  • Display a mastery of close reading and analytic skills in engaging with resources.
  • Present your analysis with a clear sense of order and organization and with a careful eye on spelling and grammar.
  • Draw a conclusion about the direction of the trend or technology.
  • The long read should summarize and synthesize the state of the trend or technology and make an argument. That argument/claim/assertion should be introduced early, supported by evidence, using information integrated across a variety of sources, and represented clearly in the conclusion.
  • Meet the length requirement with a minimum of 1,250 words and a maximum of 2,000 words.  This word count includes the written body of the post and does not include the reference list, infographics, media, etc.
  • Citations must be referenced and linked appropriately in the post.

The Research and Writing Process:

To become a better writer, you need to do research and read a great deal.  To become a better researcher and analytical thinker, you need to read and write a lot.  The two are very closely related and are tied together in the overall process.  The more you research, the easier you will be able to write your post, and, as you write, you may continuously reformulate your thesis and ideas, requiring you to do more research.

One of the main focuses of this class is to help you develop a variety of skills to become a stronger student. These skills include writing, critical thinking, analysis, research, evaluation, synthesis, and communication. The research and writing process should not be a solo endeavor.  Ask me if you have any questions or need assistance during any process of developing your project. Librarians are very beneficial to the research process and I recommend you take advantage of the services they have to offer in guiding you through your research. Additionally, having a writing assistant embedded in the class provides a direct resource to aid in developing these processes.

Chapters 6 and 7 in Writing Analytically are particularly helpful for this assignment. If you do not have a copy of Writing Analytically, there are two copies available in Ready Reference in the library.


  • November 6: Introduce Assignment
  • Week of November 13: Preliminary meeting with Jack. Come to the meeting with Jack prepared by having a solid freewrite, a well developed thesis/introduction, and/or a strong start on a rough draft. Send a copy to both Tina and Jack by November 13.
  • Week of November 27:  Meet with Jack to review final post. Come to your meeting with Jack with a fully developed rough draft that should be close to your final form.
  • December 7: Final post due by 11:59pm.

Please note, failure to meet with Jack to help develop your writing process on this project will result in points deducted from your overall grade.

Topic Ideas:

Long Read Topic Suggestions

Due Dates:

  • November 13, rough first draft
  • Week of November 13, meetings with Jack
  • Week of November 27, meetings with Jack, with full developed rough draft
  • December 7, final post due by 11:59pm