More detailed information on each assignment will be posted on the course blog under assignments.

Class Attendance (50 points) and Class Discussions (150 points)
A vital component of the course is attendance and participation in weekly class discussions. The course will be discussion based and it is important to hear multiple perspectives and voices on topics. Some discussions might elicit strong feelings and attitudes. It is extremely important to keep an open mind and to appreciate diversity in opinions and to always respect each other.

Blog Posts (✓+, ✓, ✓- for first 2 posts and 100 points/20 points each)
You will be required to write at least 5 blog posts throughout the semester based on course activities, readings, digital activities, and topics. Most weeks, you will be assigned either as a Writer, Responder, or Searcher. Writers will earn points here. See Blog Posts assignment for more detail.

Digital Discussions (100 points)
Part of being an active participant in the online world is by providing posts, comments, questions, and feedback on articles, blog posts, videos, technologies, discussions, etc. Some weeks, you will be assigned either as Writers, Responders, or Searchesr. Responders and Searchers will earn points (up to 50 points) here. The remaining points (up to 50 points) will come from comments/tweets/posts/ throughout. As mentioned previously, some discussions may elicit strong feelings and attitudes. Mutual respect is key.

Digital Activities (150 points/15 points each)
Although many of us are currently involved in a variety of digital activities, such as Facebook, SnapChat, etc., this course will also focus on other technologies to add to your digital toolbox. Throughout the semester, you will be assigned a variety of these digital activities.

Technology Autobiography (100 points)
An autobiography is a narrative that tells a story of your life. A Technology Autobiography, therefore, tells the story of your life with technology. You will write a 500-word blog post about your life with technology in general or focus on a specific technology.

Peer Facilitation (100 points)
This will be a group activity. Each group will facilitate a discussion on a certain topic pertaining to digital cultures and technologies. The group will need to provide 2-3 resources for the class to review then facilitate the discussion or activities during class.

Visual Essay and Presentation (100 points)
Create a visual essay that will connect both textual and visual components around a particular digital theme. In our multi-media rich world, this assignment will explore the interplay between textual and visual. The visual essay will also be presented to the class.

Final Project (100 points)
Your final project is one that tells the story of some aspect of digital technologies or cultures. This might be a specific technological device, a social media network or media service, certain trend or fad, behavior changes due to technology, or distinctive cultural practices. Each project will pay particular attention to the history, evolution, and significance of your chosen area of study.  

Reflection (50 points)
The final product of the class will be a reflection essay on your development as a writer.


The final course grade will be determined as follows:

930-1000 A

900-929 A-

870-899 B+

830-869 B

800-829 B-

760-799 C+

730-759 C

700-729 C-

650-699 D

Below 650 F

**Late assignments will be penalized 5 points per day late (including weekends).