DA#8: One Button Studio

Use the One Button Studio to do a practice presentation of your Photo Essay.

Your photo essay presentation should be 5-8 minutes in length total. You can practice your presentation using the One Button Studio. This creates a video for you to review then to see how you can improve your presentation. Keep in mind this is a practice studio and not a top-line recording studio.

A library guide provides an overview of the One Button Studio: http://libraryguides.muhlenberg.edu/obshome. The One Button Studio is located on B-level of Trexler Library.

You can sign up to reserve the One Button Studio.

Be sure to bring a USB thumbdrive or flashdrive with you that has at least 1 gb of available space.

Once you have your presentation recorded, share the file with me. Options are to upload to Youtube or share via Google Drive. The file must be sent to me by 11:59pm, Friday November 9.