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Data mining and the truth behind it

When you think of Data Mining do you think of your information being stolen? Many people have this negative connotation of what data mining is, and these people could be so far from the truth. As defined by (, Data mining is “the process of collecting, searching through, and analyzing a large amount of data

3D printing and the future of technology

When 3D printing came out, it was supposed to be used for creating things that you wished to print at a 3-dimensional state. But with all the terrorist and criminal groups out free in the world, dangerous things can happen using a 3-D printer. There have been many news articles on various acts of violence using

Does technology change how students learn?

Technology is a huge way of how students and teenagers communicate with each other when they can’t meet face to face. This causes them to get easily distracted when they are trying to learn or study for a test. Although technology does have negative connotations when it comes to learning there are some positives that come

technology and how it affects students study habits This article is different from the other one because it talks about the negative impacts technology can have. Some things that this article states are that there are many privacy risks when using some applications. Also, students will get caught up using other applications that can keep the kids off track. This shows that

how technology affects learning This article talks about how technology boosts learning for teenagers. There are many applications out there that can help you study for tests or even revise your essay. With the increase in technology, it gives students a way to be able to learn while using the electronics they love so much. Read more →

Open access has its perks

After using as an article to research open access I realized exactly what open access was made for. Open access was made for people to be able to gain access to various articles and websites that would otherwise cost money. Although this sometimes may not be exactly free you did gain access to the author’s

Advertising and social media

By working with my group to see how different social media platforms made me get a few ideas. They are controlling at what we look at and what advertisements are shown on our home screens. It is weird to think that at anytime a social media platform can decide what ads we see and how

Who really owns the internet?

When we think of the internet and data we think that we own our own data. But in many cases this is not true; many companies give us the idea that we own our own data when really they are just tracking us and playing with our minds. It shows that even though you think