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Advertising and social media

By working with my group to see how different social media platforms made me get a few ideas. They are controlling at what we look at and what advertisements are shown on our home screens. It is weird to think that at anytime a social media platform can decide what ads we see and how

Who really owns the internet?

When we think of the internet and data we think that we own our own data. But in many cases this is not true; many companies give us the idea that we own our own data when really they are just tracking us and playing with our minds. It shows that even though you think

Does Technology actually damage people’s health or is it the person using the technology that does?

When we think about technology what comes to mind many times? Although people many times think that technology is the cause of people’s problems many times it is actually the person using it that causes their own problems. According to the article: people are the ones that are actually ruining their own health. The article says,

The search for Dylan Barry

After searching for myself on google I came to the conclusion that I could not find many things about myself online. The one thing that I found was facebook and my high school wrestling stats. This is a good thing but a bad thing. I want people to see some things about me like my

Articles cont.   This article is different than many articles because it is more about stats and less about what the college students do with the technology. It talks about each college has a different percentage of people using technology. It is really interesting to see the different usage at each college. For example, “Freshmen students,


This article talks about how college life has changed with the expansion of technology. It shows how some students did not ever check their emails and because of that they would not know if the test or quiz the next day got the subject changed. This shows how people basically have to depend on technology

The story of Dylan and technology

Throughout my life I have had many different encounters with technology. I have received and given people many different technological devices that have impacted them in different ways. There are many early experiences I had with technology. The earliest form of technology other than a television was receiving a nintendo gamecube. On Christmas of 2005

The internet is a learning experience

“digital technology has provided internet users with software tools which make it trivially easy to copy, edit, remix and publish anything that is available in digital form” This quote shows how users are now given the chance to do what ever they want with the internet. This means that if they ever want to edit

Blog post #2

The Bush article was very technology friendly and showed me that some uses of technology are greatly needed for people’s jobs. To me, seeing how some machinery is depended on so heavily in some jobs, makes me think differently about how I thought most jobs are man-run. For example, many libraries are using The Encyclopedia

Blog post #1

For this class I have multiple expectations that I hope I can accomplish throughout the semester. For example, I would really like to able to work on my writing skills and be able to call myself a college-level writer. Also, I want to be able to annotate articles like I know I should be able