Author: Suzane Girgis

Blog Post #4: Credit Card Number Being Stolen… No Biggie, There Are Social Security Numbers in The Hands of Foreigns

As a society, we are open to sharing and posting the fun and exciting things we do in our lives to show our happiness and satisfaction. Some are private and conceal their information fearing judgment and personal lives being out there. Why did I open my digital identity argument comparing private and public people? Maybe

Your Eyesight and Well Being is Important…. The Internet Doesn’t Know That

These two articles show significant mental and physical health effects caused by the internet and excessive use of technology.  Spending hours crouching, not only does it weaken your eyesight but your back and neck joints are also affected. Do you think social isolation, anxiety, and hostility could also be major effects on you due to your

Were College Students Better Off Before Social Media?

As technology grows and evolves, we as a society tend to evolve, grow, and learn the new innovations that come out every year or perhaps every few months. College kids back then experienced “the paper directory with everyone’s number and the friendly prank calls.” In contrast to today’s college kids, we tend to get numbers

Technology Autobiography

Before writing this blog, I hadn’t really considered the significance of my interactions with technology. However, I realized how technology really influences me as a person and the decisions I make from a very young age. From having my first phone to learning how to use a computer and type, to using a MacBook to

As We May Think Brief Analysis

Throughout Bush’s eight sections of defining the main technological advances, thorough detail and reasoning were stated for every device helped draw us as readers to believe technology controls us and our past discoveries and experiments. Bush argues that these instruments could be properly developed and can assist our society access to and command over the

How Technology Impacts My Life DAILY”

Technology became a major factor in my everyday life where I utilize it excessively for many reasons. As a first-year college student, products such as laptops, Ipads, and smartphones dominate my life and are required to succeed. For example, in my General Chem 103 class, a code had to be purchased for $120 to access