Author: Suzane Girgis

Cracking The Cyberbullying Code

With technology vastly expanding and improving day by day, many people of all ages have access to the Internet and almost every social media platform.  With its mass commercial use, some people might not have foreseen the issue of cyberbullying and how harmful it can really be. A cyberbully usually posts offensive photos and videos,

Blog Post #6: Revolutionary

Technology has impacted almost every daily aspect of our lives including its effective use on education. Although we might still share the standard way of professors lecturing and students listening, the materials being used to be taught varied over the years. Students today live in a very technological world who many think it reaches a positive

Blog Post #4: Credit Card Number Being Stolen… No Biggie, There Are Social Security Numbers in The Hands of Foreigns

As a society, we are open to sharing and posting the fun and exciting things we do in our lives to show our happiness and satisfaction. Some are private and conceal their information fearing judgment and personal lives being out there. Why did I open my digital identity argument comparing private and public people? Maybe

Your Eyesight and Well Being is Important…. The Internet Doesn’t Know That

These two articles show significant mental and physical health effects caused by the internet and excessive use of technology.  Spending hours crouching, not only does it weaken your eyesight but your back and neck joints are also affected. Do you think social isolation, anxiety, and hostility could also be major effects on you due to your