DA#1: Twitter

Twitter How-To

For a beginner’s guide to Twitter, refer to these two posts:

Twitter’s Getting Started Guide: https://support.twitter.com/articles/215585#

Wired’s How to Use Twitter:  https://www.wired.com/2016/05/twitter-onboarding-tips-for-new-users/.

Create a Twitter account

If you don’t already have a twitter account or would prefer to use a separate account for the purpose of this class, go to Twitter and create an account. You have to create a legitimate account, including image, profile, following others, and having followers. Feel free to follow each other.

Course Tweets

  • Course hashtag: #fys142dw
  • Appropriate tweets include:
    • Your blog posts
    • Links to relevant articles or websites
    • Comments on class discussions
    • Questions about the course or course topics
    • Observations or comments related to the course topics


  • Add your information to the FYS142 spreadsheet
  • Use the course hashtag (#fys142dw) and start tweeting
  • Ongoing throughout the rest of semester as part of digital discussion grade
  • Be sure to use the class hashtag (#fys142dw) in order to get credit
  • You should also focus on:
    • Following 1-10 new academic and professional accounts per week;
    • At least one simple academic/professional retweet per week;
    • At least one quoted retweet per week
    • At least one reply/comment a week
    • At least one relevant tweet of your own per week (using #fys142dw)
    • Active use of the ##fys142dw hashtag
    • Active use of other relevant hashtags