Author: Lucas Bueno

Cyberbullying in Social Media

The most prominent type of bullying in today’s society is cyberbullying, due to the exponential technological opportunities being created at every second because of the internet. As Bahati Rusell reminds us, words can hurt, and in his blog post Cyberbullying and Social Media he attempts to address this issue by sharing his opinion on the subject

Side Effects of Technology

A patient walks into a room and has symptoms consistent with boringness, sadness, and depression. The brilliant diagnostician discovers the patient’s illness and prescribes the medicine to help treat it, technology. Just like medicine, technology is treating our curiosity and boringness. However, like any other drug we can become addicted and it may also cause

Prisoners to Technology

People have come to the assumption that technology is here for society, to ameliorate your lives, after all technology literally means applicating scientific knowledge into a practical purpose. However, the article How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist by Tristan Harris explains how technology is actually manipulating us to their benefit,

What is my Digital Identity?

At the beginning of my First Year Seminar: Who Controls your Digital World we were asked to write what we believe people would find if they searched me up on google. I believe that if people google my name they might find my portfolio in the tennis academy I worked in and was part of

” As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush Blog Post #2

The Atlantic a world renowned magazine founded in 1857 in Boston, Massachusetts by celebrated writers such Ralph Waldo Emerson, published a seminal article titled As We May Think by Vannevar Bush. The original publication date of the article was 1945, but ever since most of your media has been digitalized it was uploaded into The Atlantic website. As We May Think highlights

Getting Started!

Expectations  Honestly I am extremely excited about this course. Even though I do not consider myself tech-savvy, I am extremely eager to learn all about who is actually controlling my digital world and how I will use the knowledge I learn from this First-Year Seminar to my benefit. Although I am also a bit nervous about