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Is Instagram Ruining Today’s Society?

  We are in 2018 where smartphones and social media go hand and hand, literally and figuratively. One of the biggest social media applications today is Instagram with a whopping 1 billion users, increasing to 200 million from 800 million in 2017. Instagram is widely used by people of all ages for various reasons. The

Innovation That Excites

In our current and growing society, things are expanding in every way possible. Everywhere we look people are constantly on devices of some sort, but no one really thinks about how this is all possible. How are all of the electronic dots connected to ensure that we are constantly able to communicate? Behind the scenes

SICKO MODE These bunch of words I put together through WordItOut are lyrics from Travis Scott’s song Sick Mode featuring Drake on the album ASTROWORLD. Word clouds could be helpful for putting together ideas because it gives you random words without any order makes you think why these words are where they are. Another reason why

Technology And It’s Affects On Learning

Recently there has been a big discussion wether technology affects our learning or not. In my opinion and through research and class discussions I have come to the conclusion that technology has affected or learning for the worse. Through researching the affects I picked two articles: one that claims technology is good for learning and

Open Sources

After doing this digital activity I have learned some interesting and useful direction and information about how to control your information within certain applications on your phone or computer. Through this blog post I will explain how to make sure your Twitter account says secured ( if wanted),  how to control your data when using

Dirty Data and Ads

Your phone has tons and tons of data from different apps you have on your smart phone or computer. Social media applications uses personal information and your browsing history to get ads that target your interest. A major one is Facebook which some people are getting annoyed that they are getting too personal and almost

Being Stalked?

Who oversees all of our data and the usage on our phones and how much access do they really have? How do they track us? You’ll all find out right now! First how do they track you? When you use your smart phone most people have their location on. For instance if you were to