Is Our Privacy Really Protected?

In the article “Letting Down Our Gaurd With Web Privacy” the author, Somini, explains how we so readily enter our personal data and information in exchange for access to a new social media platform but are we really paying attention to the fine print? Privacy is a big debate today and perhaps it is our own

Privacy Isn’t the Opposite of Security

How Telegram Became The App Of Choice For ISIS Even though governments are closely monitoring internet activities, terrorists can still hide in the shadow. Telegram is designed to provide encrypted communications. With innocent citizens’ privacy being violated by the governments, most ISIS groups gain their “privacy” with Telegram. U.S. MASS SURVEILLANCE HAS NO RECORD OF THWARTING


When it comes to internet privacy, be very afraid, analyst suggests This article describes how U.S citizens actually have fewer laws protecting their privacy than in other countries, and even gives away some tips on how to preserve said privacy in this day and age (although the mode’s of truly being invisible online are limited,

Writing Tools

The tools I decided to review are Jet Pack and Grammar Byte. Jet Pack is useful in that it checks grammar, spelling, and style. It is very similar to spell check but is useful in places that do not have spell check or their version is not as detailed to add in style as something

Net Neutrality Today

Without net neutrality in Portugal, mobile internet is bundled like a cable package The argument over net neutrality has not only something that we have been covering quite a bit in class but also it has been a world-wide debate in all countries. This article only briefly mentions the U.S. because its main focus is