Khan Academy Review

A lot of websites can help people out when studying. I recently reviewed Quizlet and gave it a good review. I would still recommend that but, there is one other helpful website I would put ahead of it. That website is, Khan Academy. What I like about Khan Academy is that it is a very

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great place for anyone to go who wants to learn about anything. The website itself offers numerous ways of learning. It includes online courses, lessons, and practice. It is a great place to not only learn new things, but to study. For example, if someone is in a class but does

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a perfect place for students to go and gain help for any problem that they may have. The website itself covers a wide range of topics ranging from mathematics all the way to food and nutrition. This means that students can go to the website to find answers to just about anything.

Photoshop on Your Phone? A Review of Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly powerful software that allows users to manipulate photos and create graphic images. Initially a computer-based technology, Adobe has resized Photoshop to fit on the iPhone. The iOS app Photoshop Mix is the mobile incarnation of Photoshop, and it does not disappoint. Personally, I use Photoshop to make graphics and edit

Cyberbullying final

  CyberBullying   The cyber world is a relatively new invention which connects man across the world in ways that we never deemed possible. It has spread empathy, sharing, and incredible understanding through its platform. Unfortunately, bullying which has existed since the rise of man, coupled with cyberspace, empowers bullying to be scaled and deeply

The Battle to Preserve Net Neutrality

Since its inception, the internet has been an open forum on which to exchange information. The internet’s uniqueness comes not only from its revolutionizing nature and globalizing effects but also its democratic essence that gives every user the same access. In a 2003 paper, Columbia law professor Tim Wu coined the term “net neutrality” and

Future of Technology in the World of Sports

Sports have been a large part of human life since their origin over fifteen thousand years ago beginning with races and wrestling. There is something about the physical competition to see who is the superior athlete that draws this passion out of people. Whether they themselves are competing or not does not matter. I think

Gender Equality In Gaming

Gender equality has become a major topic in all of society for quite some time now. The dictionary defines gender equality as the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. This means that both men and women are treated equal in all aspects of life. As a human society we