Domains Work Session

What? Domains Work Session Why? Make your domains dynamic and dynamite! Where? Walson 115 When? Today! Friday, September 15, 2-4pm Who? You and anyone who wants to work out things with their domain. They will be running an open session today from 2-4 in Walson 115 for anyone who might want to do some more work

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Let’s look at some other blogs, mostly from college students (or they started blogging as a college student) Some from Muhlenberg: Jarrett’s Blog Mules In Madrid Seventh & Treppenwitz Some from other colleges: Broke Millennial Jessica Reingold Lauren Brumfield Life As A Dare Macarons in the Morning Examples for Group Sites: Medium — Andrew Watts

Are We Overusing Technology?

In Bush’s article “As We May Think” he explicates the ways in which people use technology, whether it be positive or negative. At first Bush talks about how most inventions made since 1945 have extended man’s physical power rather than the mind. Throughout the article Bush calls for change, especially in the way people use

The Advancement

We are closer to the year 2033 than we are to 2000. Is that not crazy? Time really flies and you know what else flies? The advancement of technology. We have phones that can do almost anything a computer and camera could do. Our computers lightning quick. Any Television show you want to watch is

Future Tech!

Some may think about the future with fear and timidity, but life demands that we carefully consider and plan for what is to come. In reading his article “As We May Think,” I realized that Vannevar Bush may be at least partially responsible for how common computers are in modern society. Bush clearly makes this

The New Problems of the Information Age

Living in the Information Era, we are used to the digital cameras, smart phones, and personal computers. But it is still hard to believe that Vannevar Bush, the author of  “As We May Think”, has already precisely predicted many technological innovations we have today in 1945. He suggested that people should create devices that improved human’s

About Me

I am a freshman at Muhlenberg College and I was instructed to create this blog as a class requirement in my First Year Seminar Course. The name of this course is What Controls Your Digital World and I am extremely intrigued to find out if I myself controls my digital world or not. Maybe I