Author: Vanesa Valencia

The Impacts of Cyberbullying Toward The Health of Adolescents

In today’s society, the increase of cyberbullying has surpassed previous years due to the facile attainability of technology. To this day, adolescents have the ability to interact with other people virtually whether through social media, online games, or cell phones. Thus, one of the many reasons cyberbullying has impacted teenagers both psychologically and emotionally. Even


Word clouds can be beneficial in writing because it helps people see text in a new way, in this case, visually. Word clouds are also a great tool in demonstrating what is important and emphasized in your text as the font appears to be bigger. This may be helpful when writing because it helps point

Are Individuals Smarter or Dumber With Technology At Their Hands?

In the society we live in today, technology has played a huge role in our everyday lives causing many of us to become too dependent and reliant on technology. As mentioned in the PBS video, “the internet is a network of 3 billion people connected by 1 billion websites” this network of knowledge can be

The Positive Impacts of Technology Toward Education

The article I read, “Top 6 benefits of using technology in the classroom” stated how students are already engaged in technology making it easier for teachers to integrate technology within the classrooms. In other words, in today’s society technology plays a huge aspect in an individual life that integrating it for educational purposes isn’t anything

The Negative Impacts of Technology Toward Education

The article I read, “5 Problems With Technology In Classrooms” mainly focused on the negative aspects of using technology in classrooms as seen from the title of the article. One of the points the article covered on saw technology as a distraction as some students rather than utilizing the educational apps instructed by their teacher

Alternative Apps on Serious Profiling

The video I watched, “Serious Profiling: Have you been profiled yet?” focused on the various ways online identities are made based off our online usage, in other words, the information we put about ourselves online. Such information can range from our relationship status, the school we attend, people we are associated with, the pictures we

The Video Gaming Industry Is Taking Over The Lives Of Children

Playing videos games is a very popular form of entertainment for many children and even adults. In the article titled the, “Effect of Video Games on Child Development” it mentioned that the video gaming industry is one of the fastest growing markets marketing at $4 million in the year 1990. The world of gaming has

Check Out This Article: “6 questions help reveal if you’re addicted to social media”

Mark Griffiths’s and Daria Kuss’s article, “6 questions help reveal if you’re addicted to social media” discusses how one is able to discover if they’re addicted to the use of social media and ways in how to treat this addiction. One of the questions people should ask themselves is, “Do you spend a lot of