Author: Vanesa Valencia

Check Out This Article: “6 questions help reveal if you’re addicted to social media”

Mark Griffiths’s and Daria Kuss’s article, “6 questions help reveal if you’re addicted to social media” discusses how one is able to discover if they’re addicted to the use of social media and ways in how to treat this addiction. One of the questions people should ask themselves is, “Do you spend a lot of

Check Out This Article: “Research finds link between social media and the ‘fear of missing out’”

Justin White’s article covers on the concept of FOMO, otherwise known as, the fear of missing out which occurs when people (mainly teens) feel anxious when they don’t attend a social event or see their friends having fun on social media without them. This is mainly seen in people ages 13-33, furthermore, a survey was

My Technology Autobiography

Growing up, technology played a huge role not only in my education at school, but my life in general. Throughout middle school and high school, we were handed iPads as our source for taking notes, completing assignments, studying, and doing homework. At first many students including myself hated the idea of integrating technology with education

Blog Post #3

After reading the article, “Were College Students Better Off Before Social Media?” I found it very interesting how college students just 15 years ago had a completely different life than the life we live in today. The article also mentioned that mostly no one used laptops because there wasn’t any Wi-Fi which surprised me because

Blog Post #2

Technology nowadays keeps progressing everyday with new research and new improvements to our current technology. In addition, technology has impacted the education system and the way we communicate with others tremendously. Personally, technology has played a huge role in my education because throughout middle school and high school we only utilized iPads as our source

Blog Post #1

From this course I expect to learn more information about how digital technology impacts are everyday lives, the problems/challenges that arise with technology, and how individuals can become more interactive with newer technology and social media. Creating my own web through ‘Berg Builds’ is very meaningful to me because it’s a platform where I’m given