Extra Credit Opportunities

You can earn extra credit throughout the semester by either tweeting or writing additional posts on relevant topics. You can do this by tweeting throughout an event and/or by writing a blog post about that event. Tweets must show content and include the class hashtag, as well as other relevant hashtags. One or two tweets would not be sufficient to earn extra credit–there should be several substantial tweets. Blog posts must meet general blog requirements (word length, categories/keywords, by analytical and thoughtful). Both tweets and posts must be more than just a series of direct quotes, but should also include your thoughts/comment/questions/etc.

Some options include:

Deadline: dependent on events throughout the semester. Tweets must take place during the event itself. Blog posts must be posted within 24 hours of the event.

Include additional hashtag (Twitter) #ExtraCredit or tag (blog post) ExtraCredit.

You can earn up to a total 60 points of extra credit throughout the semester, up to 10 points per event.