Author: Kaley

Where is The Connection Between Education and Mental Illness Today?

Education and mental illness, two very different but prominent aspects of our society today. But, they might not be so different after all. In today’s society we are seeing an increase in both of these areas especially in the teenage age range. Today, mental illness is the second leading disability in our world. A study

Read Into This: The Effects of Digital Technology on Learning

I’m back with some new found information regarding the effects of digital technology on our education in today’s society. This time I took a look at Dr. Kutscher’s article, The Effects of Digital Technology on Learning, and this time, I was not so surprised. Having found what I did from his other article, this one made more

Where Our Information Is Going And How To Protect It

Does securing our online information stop it from getting into the hands of others? Are you aware of how many sites are gaining your information on a daily basis just from your basic internet usage? Many of us may think we know, but I’m here today to make you more aware of just how far

Educating Our Children on Digital Citizenship: How We Can Do It Right

In today’s age of ever-growing technology, it is extremely important that we educate our children and the incoming members of our society how to engage in the digital world. If you yourself are questioning what it is like to be a good digital citizen, read into my last blog post! The thing about digital citizenship

Is Technology Destroying Us Or Are We Destroying Ourselves?

If you read The Real Effects of Technology on Your Health, one may assume that using technology is bad for all aspects of a person’s personal help. Mentally, physically, visually, you name it. Excessive technology use has been tied to emotional instability, hearing loss, muscle and joint pain, heart issues, strained vision, and memory loss.