Author: Kaley

Educating Our Children on Digital Citizenship: How We Can Do It Right

In today’s age of ever-growing technology, it is extremely important that we educate our children and the incoming members of our society how to engage in the digital world. If you yourself are questioning what it is like to be a good digital citizen, read into my last blog post! The thing about digital citizenship

Is Technology Destroying Us Or Are We Destroying Ourselves?

If you read The Real Effects of Technology on Your Health, one may assume that using technology is bad for all aspects of a person’s personal help. Mentally, physically, visually, you name it. Excessive technology use has been tied to emotional instability, hearing loss, muscle and joint pain, heart issues, strained vision, and memory loss.

Read Into This: “Social Media Is Changing How College Students Deal With Mental Illness, For Better Or Worse”

“Social Media Is Changing How College Students Deal With Mental Illness, For Better Or Worse,” discusses the pros and cons that come with social media affecting college students overall well being. On one of the spectrum it is easy to say that social media provides false realities to college aged young adults who are trying

As We May Think

Although such an old piece of our history in the research of technology, “As We May Think” written by Dr. Vannevar Bush in 1945 brings up many topics and issues of today’s current technology. It is difficult to imagine where technology and the internet itself will be 70 years from now, will the internet still

What To Expect

Who controls your digital world? A question many of us may ask ourselves in this day in age of technology. From FYS 142 I expect to learn how to use the digital world we are given to my advantage. Technology is a prime part of my lifestyle. It isn’t just about posting pictures to Instagram,