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Cracking The Cyberbullying Code

With technology vastly expanding and improving day by day, many people of all ages have access to the Internet and almost every social media platform.  With its mass commercial use, some people might not have foreseen the issue of cyberbullying and how harmful it can really be. A cyberbully usually posts offensive photos and videos,

The Impacts of Cyberbullying Toward The Health of Adolescents

In today’s society, the increase of cyberbullying has surpassed previous years due to the facile attainability of technology. To this day, adolescents have the ability to interact with other people virtually whether through social media, online games, or cell phones. Thus, one of the many reasons cyberbullying has impacted teenagers both psychologically and emotionally. Even


As times are changing technology is becoming more and more involved in the human race. Technology is being involved with many, if not all, aspects of our lives. This is not only with smart phones, tvs, apple watches, etc., it is also being seen within education. From complete emersion to what I personally experienced growing…

Connected on the Surface, Disconnected Within

As technological advances continue to take place, more and more individuals are chained to a smartphone, smartwatch, iPad or Computer. Smartphones with endless applications allow for easy access to all of one’s connective data and promote the use of social media platforms where people can share photos and update friends and family with statuses and