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As times are changing technology is becoming more and more involved in the human race. Technology is being involved with many, if not all, aspects of our lives. This is not only with smart phones, tvs, apple watches, etc., it is also being seen within education. From complete emersion to what I personally experienced growing…

Digital Mediums

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed to provide a medium within exchanges. There are currently over 2000 cryptocurrencies out in the market today. With this being said, Ethereum is currently the heir to Bitcoins recently developed empire. These cryptocurrencies have seen a steady stock until 2017 when the world saw it’s dividends rise over 100%.

All The Truths of Cyberbullying

For a very long time people were worried about being a victim of bullying. Today the concern is more about being the victim of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is defined as the act of bullying an individual by means of harassment or threatening through electronic communication strictly. It can also be a place where peers humiliate others

New World

Over the years, communicating has changed tremendously. From oral tradition to email, the future of communicating is endless. Writing has been around for centuries. With the new emergence of technology there is a difference in the way people write. There is many pros and cons to this situation. Technology has brought about writing on laptops


Technology has really made an impact on the classroom. Five Ways Technology Has Changed Teaching and Learning discusses ways that the classroom has changed from a positive view if technology is used as an extension. The first is that technology can help teachers plan their lessons and make them more interactive for students. The second…


The Pew Research Center talks about The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing that many teachers are starting to find present. The article mentions that teachers now have to spend time talking about things such as plagiarism and copyright now that students have access to digital tools. It also talks about the decrease in students…