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Blog #9: Drones

Drones are used all around the world for many different things. Movie producers, TV shows, and popular YouTubers use drones in order to make really impressive videos and/or episodes. For example, YouTuber Casey Neistat uses drones such as DJI’s and Phantoms 33to record and put together absolutely breathtaking videos and montages of NYC and wherever

Blog #8: Is Technology Helping or Hindering Education?

Technology these days plays a crucial role in today’s society. People use technology to order food, watch TV, play games, communicate. It’s also used in schools. Technology is a complex yet powerful tool that can aid and change education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional and entertaining materials to

Blog #7: Online Shopping, Safe?

Shopping online is HUGE. Like, REALLY HUGE. Companies like Amazon and eBay are dominating the world of shopping. The reason that they are so popular is because, one, they have everything you could possibly want, and two, because they are trusted and encrypted. Nowadays, due to the popularity of shopping on websites, there are many