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Ignorance is Bliss

Whenever we step into a theater we can always notice who is in the audience along with you watching the film or performance, and by assessing the situation you can depict if the people accompanying you makes you uncomfortable. The same ideology applies to a friend gathering in a party or restaurant, by analyzing the

Alternative Apps on Serious Profiling

The video I watched, “Serious Profiling: Have you been profiled yet?” focused on the various ways online identities are made based off our online usage, in other words, the information we put about ourselves online. Such information can range from our relationship status, the school we attend, people we are associated with, the pictures we


The words “Terms and Conditions” affect almost every person’s life. After clicking accept to this we assume that the website will give us services. Also, after seeing a word that has “anony” we assume our data will be kept anonymous. After watching a video Data Anonymization, I learned that even with our information not pertaining particularly…

Save a Life

Bullying is not anything new. Physically or mentally, we have all been through some kind of bullying. It is something that was always here and will never go away. In modern society there is an emergence of something called cyberbullying. It is defined as the use of electronic messaging to bully or harass one. This


The word creepy can mean something different for each person. To me creepy means knowing too much information about something that doesn’t involve yourself that would make someone else feel uncomfortable. After reading “Why Snapchat is Already Giving Up on Not Being ‘Creepy‘,” my definition of creepy seemed to be correct in the sense of…