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The Positive Impacts of Technology Toward Education

The article I read, “Top 6 benefits of using technology in the classroom” stated how students are already engaged in technology making it easier for teachers to integrate technology within the classrooms. In other words, in today’s society technology plays a huge aspect in an individual life that integrating it for educational purposes isn’t anything

The Negative Impacts of Technology Toward Education

The article I read, “5 Problems With Technology In Classrooms” mainly focused on the negative aspects of using technology in classrooms as seen from the title of the article. One of the points the article covered on saw technology as a distraction as some students rather than utilizing the educational apps instructed by their teacher

My Technology Autobiography

Growing up, technology played a huge role not only in my education at school, but my life in general. Throughout middle school and high school, we were handed iPads as our source for taking notes, completing assignments, studying, and doing homework. At first many students including myself hated the idea of integrating technology with education