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Jimmy or James?

It is very weird to think that one can search up anyone on this universe using the internet and find information about them. The internet is interesting because it can really violate one’s privacy without anyone really doing anything. What i mean by saying this is that one particular person does not have to write


When first seeing this assignment I thought that I would already know what was on the internet about me. As a curious kid, I had looked up my name on the internet a few times before. I expected to see pictures and articles about the bronze project I did for girls scouts in fifth grade…

Stalking Myself

Before the Search: Ultimately, everyone can be searched and found on the internet due to the exponential increase in the technological use of 2018. If someone were to have googled my name, I believe that my identity would only be traced to a facebook link. However, if someone were to have googled my stage name,